Funnier than imagined, the game without limits!

Footgolf is an entertaining social ball game, where the number of players only depends on the company, quantity of balls and existence of special nests.
Each player has his own ball which is different to the other players'. Footgolf does not require special skills or physical strength, the velocity is chosen individually by every player.
The game is f
easible for the players from children to seniors. Excitement, bonus beats, beating off other players' balls, missing the goal with the euphoria of kicking the winning goal etc make you forget about time and your worries. Footgolf is a football which is feasible for everyone, golf which is affordable for everyone, the game without limits!
Enjoy the game! Gaidar Matt, the author. (Footgolf, using special nests, I invented the 2005th)

One against all, all against one!

Place the nests (5 - ... pcs.) as a line, ring or figure with sufficient distance from each other, mark the beginning and end line.

The ball is hit in a sequence according to a draw or an agreement, one hit at a time, trying to hit the nests with the ball with as few as possible beats.

If the ball lands and stays inside the base, it is called a hit.

The player gets the bonus beat immediately when he hits the nest with the bounce from the ball of the co-player or when he hits the ball out of the nest with the bounce so that own ball stays in the nest.

The general beating order is not changing, but the bonus beats help to catch up the leader.

The player having hit all nests of the trail in the right order and having exceeded the finish line first with the ball is the winner.
Footgolf fits well everywhere!

Footgolf can be played in the home garden, at the beach, on a stadium, on the field, inside a hall, in the forest, on the meadow, on snow, at the picnic, at birthdays, at the reunions etc.

Experience is always different, but definitely a positive!

The tournaments of the companies and events are spirited - the emotions have made us forget even the party table!

Footgolf is a pleasant pastime in the school or kindergarten sports lessons, by developing coordination, self-control and good habit to have exercise.

The targets of footgolf match the development plans of many countries to expand the health movement and spread the sporting possibilities that are feasible for everyone.

Enjoy the Game!
We wish to find a partners for distribute the game broadly in an effective way!

Introduce splendid ballgame in your country, city, rural municipality, village or school, become the sole representative of your region!

Try the game with friends and see that footgolf attracts everyone, regardless of the place, time or age.
Footgolf gives, besides good health and wonderful mood, also a lot of new friends and financial income.

As the owner of the nests of footgolf, you will get the contractual rights for their rent, sale or provision of services.

Acquiring 5 nice, very strong fiberglass footgolf nests with discount price!

You can quickly use your private footgolf course!

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